Dr. Aaron Sahr

Hamburg Institute of Social Research

Area of expertise: Economic sociology, Money theory

Aaron Sahr is engaged in the study of the credit-based monetary order emerging with and after the end of the gold standard in the early 1970s. In his upcoming book, he argues that the ensuing expansion of the global money supply calls for a re-evaluation of popular sociological theories of money as well as an adjustment of research questions proposed by the sociology of money as a field of inquiry. Furthermore, he proposes an empirical trust/distrust framework for deciphering the emergence of finance capitalism from a perspective of practice theory (Sahr 2017). He has produced a paper on chances and pitfalls of monetary reforms (Sahr 2015) and is currently working on a systematic approach to the causal links between the unconstrained production of money by private banks and rising inequality (first results are published in Sahr 2016).

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