Dr. Joscha Wullweber

University of Kassel

Area of expertise: Poststructuralist IPE, Money theory

Joscha Wullweber empirical research focuses on the politics of global finance and the post-financial crisis regulation of finance. A variety of theories of International Political Economy and International Relations provide the necessary tools to capture the political and economic dimension of international competition and innovation policies as well as global transformations (Wullweber 2016). Wullweber primarily draws on new theoretical models including the concepts of reflexivity and performativity, prominent in the Social Studies of Finance. These models allow him to account for finance practices which shape – and are simultaneously shaped by – their environment. Moreover, these theories provide a framework to explore the reflexive dimension of algorithms, mathematical formulas such as the Black-Scholes-Merton model, and high-frequency trading. In this sense, economics does not merely observe and describe economic processes. It also shapes and creates them, as do accounting tools, marketing tools, mathematical models, and technical instruments (Wullweber 2015).

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