Dr. Kai Koddenbrock

Project coordinator and grant holder

University Witten-Herdecke


Area of expertise: IR, IPE, money theory, Global South, dependency, decoloniality

Kai Koddenbrock researches the politics of global inequality as part of the global relations of domination and the intersectional analysis of global capitalism. Expanding his work on symptomatic responses to global inequality such as humanitarian aid and peacekeeping (Koddenbrock 2016; Koddenbrock and Hoffmann 2017) approached through a postcolonial theory lens he has developed a keen interest in the material drivers and origins of global inequality such as the workings of capitalism and money (Koddenbrock 2015; 2017a, b; 2018). Next to his ongoing research on money theory he currently develops a political economy of monetary dependency of ‘frontier markets’, combining insights from financial economics, dependency theory and the political settlements literature.

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