Dr. Samuel Knafo

Sussex University

Area of expertise: IPE, money theory, history of finance

Samuel Knafo focuses on the relationship between finance and money, notably to challenge common assumptions regarding the nature of money and its social role. His main work has been on the nature of liberal governance emphasising the central role of liberal states in shaping the very nature of Anglo Saxon economies. His book the Making of Modern Finance traces the radical innovations in governance made by the British state and shows how the institutions of liberal governance led to the creation of perhaps what is today the most important institution of economic governance: central banking. Following the publication of this book in 2013, he has worked on the financial innovations made by Wall Street banks in the post war era and their role in radically transforming financial systems and the place of finance in our societies. This historically oriented work has been grounded in a broader reflection on critical methodology and the use of history for theorising about financial developments. He has been particularly interested in showing how innovations, such as new financial practices, have helped to reshape in profound ways economics dynamics and break the impression that capitalism has an inherent logic. It is an approach which will be particularly useful to reflect on the changing role and nature of money.

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