Dr. Natalya Naqvi

Area of expertise: finance, industrial policy, economic development


Natalya Naqvi is assistant professor in International Political Economy at the London School of Economics.  She holds a PhD from the Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge. Her research interests are in the areas of international and comparative political economy, with a focus on the role of the state and the financial sector in economic development, as well as the amount of policy space developing countries have to conduct selective industrial policy. She is currently working on a book manuscript which investigates the conditions under which developing countries can exert public control over their financial sectors in order to support structural transformation of the economy, despite the constraints posed by economic globalisation. Her latest publications include Manias, Panics and Crashes in Emerging Markets (New Political Economy, 2018), Kicking Away the Financial Ladder (Review of International Political Economy 2018), and Finance and Industrial Policy in Unsuccessful Developmental States (Development and Change, 2018).